Off Broadway Kids

"Musical Theatre Arts in a Recreational Setting"

Our Mission Statement

Off Broadway Kids provides high quality child care services that promote self confidence, physical health, and social-emotional strength through developing the skills necessary for musical theatre performance within a recreational setting.  We thrive on providing an environment that is safe, nurturing, inclusive, and creative for all kids and teens between the ages of 5 and 15.


"Musical Theatre Arts Enrichment and Recreation"

Welcome to the Off Broadway Kids website.  We are so excited to offer opportunities that will allow children and youth to engage in the most awesome musical theatre arts and recreational experience.  Off Broadway Kids takes pride in delivering well-rounded and robust programs where children can explore the art of musical theatre by participating in live musical productions and showcases.  Children who attend our programs will also engage in physical activities, field trips, and more in order to have a full recreational experience in addition to the theatricals.  If your child loves the arts and is simply looking for the ultimate summer or after school experience, then "Off Broadway Kids" is the place for them! 

-Off Broadway Kids Staff 

See our age groups and what we have to offer below!

2023 Spotlight: Off Broadway Kids Production of Annie Kids 

Off Broadway Kids After School City Programs 

This Winter of 2024, Off Broadway Kids will deliver after school programs through the Conejo Recreation and Park District and the City of Malibu.  Our after school program will allow students in grades 1-5 to attend classes in acting, singing, and dancing with qualified and experienced instructors.  Sessions will culminate with a musical showcase that will display the talent and skills students have  gained over the course of their time with our instructors.   This year our after school programming will be held at Westlake Elementary on Tuesdays and Sycamore Canyon Elementary on Mondays for Conejo Recreation and Parks District! It will also take place on Thursdays at Malibu Bluff Park for the City of Malibu. Find the registration links below.  For each one type in key words, "Off Broadway Kids."

Off Broadway Kids Partners with the Boys and Girls Club of Malibu

Off Broadway Kids is excited to partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Malibu in workshops, talent shows, showcases, and more!  Up Next is the Webster Elementary Showcase on February 23rd, 2024. 

Off Broadway Kids Summer/Winter/Spring Break Programs

Rising Stars

Ages 5-10

Off Broadway's Rising Star group consists of children between the ages of 5 and 10.  They will be divided into age/grade level groups and will also put on their own rendition of this year's musical production or showcase.  Rising Stars will also participate in our fun and exciting recreational activities, games, and more!   

Seasoned Stars

Ages 11-15

Our Off Broadway's Seasoned Star group consists of youth between the ages of 11 and 15.  With a few more years of experience, our seasoned stars hone in on their craft to produce high quality performances. They will put on their own rendition of this year's musical production or showcase.  Our seasoned stars take on more in-depth study and training in musical theatre arts. Seasoned Stars will also participate in our fun and exciting recreational activities, games, and more! 

Off Broadway Kids Leadership

Ages 13-15

Our leadership program provides the opportunity for youth to be a part of our summer camp experience while learning how to become responsible, hardworking, and effective leaders.  Working alongside the camp director and our well trained staff as volunteers, Off Broadway Kids Leadership (O.B.K.L.) takes on quality training throughout the duration of our summer program.   This can be an opportunity to gain community service hours for school as well.  O.B.K.L. will learn the following skills as they go through our program: